I’m back from Florida! It was amazing. All the people I ran into were talking about how cold it was, but considering it was 11 degrees in Virginia when I left on Friday, temps in the low 60s didn’t bother me much :)

I brought my boyfriend with me, and I think my dad likes him more than he likes me! They got along really well, which I am eternally thankful for. My dad said that he thinks my bf is a keeper, which really made me smile. My dad has never said that about anyone I’ve dated before. It made me cry a little…mostly because I’m a sap like that.

I didn’t take any pictures of food, but I’ll definitely get started with that again tomorrow. I’m proud that we made it to the gym each day I was in Florida. The boyfriend works out often (we lifts a lot…I’m trying to get him into doing more cardio to prepare for the lacrosse season, because he’s a coach). For now, though, here are some pictures I took while relaxing.  :)

The boy and I went and watched the sunset over a lake one night. It was beautiful.

The boy and I went and watched the sunset over a lake one night. It was beautiful.



I’m not even sure if I have readers anymore (I’ve so neglected my blog and I feel terrible about it!), but I think I might give this blog one more try.

Things have changed a lot since the last time I was around, both health wise and life wise. First my health…

I started getting sick again near the end of the summer, and for a while, things were really bad. I went in for yet ANOTHER round of allergy tests, but the results were exactly the same as last time. For months I was feeling terrible and having typical celiac symptoms, but I wasn’t eating gluten. Or so I thought. It turns out that one of the cereals I’ve been eating (yes, Puffins) has been causing my issues. I was assured by the Puffins people that the oats they use in their cereal are not processed with wheat, since all Puffins are wheat-free, but for some reason, my body was still reacting to it. I had to do a full elimination diet again (that’s how I figured out it was the Puffins), but for months this time. Since my exposure to the gluten was prolonged, it will take longer for my body to recover, but I’m starting to get better.

Because of all this, I stopped going to the gym and wasn’t in the greatest of moods. But, I’m happy to report that I was back in the gym today for the first time in a LONG time, and it felt great. I have a lot of ground to make up (I’m terribly out of shape again) but it felt wonderful to sweat again, as silly as that sounds.

I’m also back to my almost vegan stage. I have started eating eggs again. No need to discuss my reasons, as I’m not sure I have many other than it just felt right to me and my body, and that’s all that matters.

In my life, things have also changed. My boyfriend of 3+ years and I broke up. It was hard at first (and it definitely still is at times, I mean, we were best friends for years), but it was definitely the right call. We had decided to move in together, and as the day got closer, I started freaking out. I knew that if I moved in with him, I would marry him soon, and I didn’t want that. He’s a fantastic man, but just not the right one for me. He works WAY too much, and couldn’t give me the time that I needed. I really hope that he finds someone who works better with him.

But…I did find someone who can give me the things I really love in a relationship. We’ve been together for almost 3 months (I know…so short a time), and he’s fantastic in every way (so far. I’m such a skeptic with relationships, but I’ll definitely roll with it and see how this all ends up!). We’re heading to Florida tomorrow to hang out with my dad (who is now officially retired and loving it!) for the long weekend. So exciting!!

I’ll be back to posting regularly with food pictures and all that good stuff. I’ve been keeping up with all your blogs (yay for GoogleReader), and I’m happy to be back :)

Before I go on a little rant (and, I promise, it will be short), I’ll post my eats from last night and this morning.

Yesterday, all I was craving ALL day was a huge salad. So, when I got home, I pulled out all the salad like things I could find, and went to town. Here’s the final result:

Biggest salad EVER!

Biggest salad EVER!

Here’s the run down on what’s in in: One of those huge plastic containers of greens that is intended to serve 4 (or one hungry me!), steamed mini carrots, snap peas and zucchini (I love hot ingredients in my cold salads!), kidney beans, beets tomatoes, 1/2 a sweet potato and a few leftover pieces of Gliding Calm tofu. YUM!!

This morning, I woke up NOT wanting to go to the gym, but I knew that it was exactly what I needed to relieve some stress. So, I went, and as usual, I’m super glad that I did. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical (interval training) and two circuits of The Fitnessista’s workout #2. I love these workouts, mainly because I feel SO STRONG when I finish. It’s always wonderful.

When I got back, I needed some serious morning fuel, and I got just that by making myself another fall-ish, protein packed smoothie.

This time, the lineup was: 1/2 a frozen banana, 1 whole apple, 1/2 leftover sweet potato, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup water, 1TBSP of protein powder, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and a little bit of PB. And, as you can tell, I also ate 1/2 that banana sitting next to the smoothie. Such a filling breakfast :)

Now it’s time for my rant:

I was sitting at lunch yesterday when a friend/coworker asked me about my workout regimen, because she’s considering signing up at a gym. While I was talking to her PRIVATELY, another coworker interrupted and said that she get “angry at skinny people like me who make heavy people look bad by going to the gym.” Are you SERIOUS! I mean, I’m taking care of myself. I’m healthy. It’s not about fitting into size triple zero jeans, or anything like that at all. It’s about being the best me that I can be.

This past summer, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. Me…the girl who is always SPFed up to the max and never goes into the sun. I’m the palest girl ever. But, I guess I’ve been neglecting the back of my hand my entire life, because that’s where it was. Things happen to people who are in great shape, and if anything, this shows how important it is to be in great, healthy shape because things happen, even to the fittest person. Our bodies need to be able to handle those things. I mean, I have Celiac…and autoimmune disease. I have to be healthy. Ugh. It gets me so mad.

My sister, at age 32, was diagnosed with heart disease a few months ago. She had to have her arteries unblocked. She’s so young, but she doesn’t take care of herself (obese, smokes, etc). Doesn’t anyone see that you have to take care of yourself?

Ok, end rant. I’m off to have a (hopefully) fantastic day. I’ll be giving exams all day long, so there’s not much teaching for this girl! It’s nice to rest now and then :)

Edited to add: Yes, I have gotten my skin cancer taken care of. Luckily, it was caught super early, and I have a pretty big scar, but that’s the least of my worries. And, I know that this wasn’t a terrible thing to occur in the grand scheme of terrible things, but it was totally a wake up call about how you need to be able to fight anything that happens to your body, you know?

So, the word of the moment is BUSY. Being a class sponsor during Homecoming time is hectic. My days are filled with PowderPuff practice, float building, follies rehearsal, showcase design and, of course, fundraising! Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that I work at a high school with so much school spirit, but it’s meant that my personal life has taken a back seat. It’s ok, for now, I guess. But, my boyfriend’s birthday is Thursday, and I definitely haven’t gotten him a present, or even a card, yet. I will, though. No worries!

Because life has been so hectic, I’ve had to work in exercise and clean, healthy eating in creative ways. This morning, I set the ol’ alarm clock for 4:10, and I dragged my tired butt to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of abs. It felt great to start my day with some quality exercise.

For breakfast, I returned to my quick, go-to, protein-filled meal.

Extreme Yogurt!

Extreme Yogurt!

That would be one container of my new obession:

Coconut Milk Yogurt! So great for those of us who can’t/choose not to do dairy, and need to switch up from soy yogurt. LOVE IT!

I also added some protein powder, banana and no nut trail mix to the bowl. YUM! I love that combo. I’m also currently drinking a large mug of green tea, and I’m sure I’ll have another at some point today :)

I hope your morning has been as productive as mine! Now, it’s off to the teaching grind!

Forgot to Eat Dinner?!

I had a terribly busy day yesterday. I had several meetings after school (I’m the class of 2010 sponsor, and this is homecoming time…), and I got caught up in my grading. By the time I left work, it was 8:30 (I have a 40 minute commute each way), and this girl was super tired. I went home, got into bed and promptly fell asleep.

I woke up this morning well-rested and ready to hit the gym. After about 10 minutes on the treadmill, I thought I was going to pass out. Seriously. No exaggeration. It was at that moment that I realized that I FORGOT TO EAT DINNER! How does that happen?? I had zero energy, so I promptly went back upstairs to my apartment, and prepared a mega smoothie. How mega? Well, judge for yourself.

Pumpkin/Apple/Banana Smoothie of Champions!

Pumpkin/Apple/Banana Smoothie of Champions!

That, my friends, is energy in a plastic mug. It contains 3/4 cup of pumpkin, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 whole (large) apple, 2 rounded Tbsp of protein powder, almond butter, soy milk and a variety of spices.

YUM! It was like autumn in a glass, and it was jammed packed with good calories (and fats, from the almond butter!). That, along with a banana (plus more almond butter!) made the perfect I-forgot-my-dinner-and-have-to-make-up-for-it breakfast on the go :)

Enjoy your Tuesday, and pray that I don’t forget to eat yet again!

Hi everyone!

Just as all of you out there, the fall just creeped up on me. The back to school rush lasted longer than I expected, leading me to take a VERY long leave of absence from my blog. I can apologize a million times over, but I know that this affected me way more than it did my readers, because I missed the blogging community SO MUCH. I definitely have been keeping up with my blog reading, though, and I have tons to fill everyone in on.

But, that will have to come later tonight. I have a special treat that I’m going to try out later, and I cannot wait to share it all with you. I will be back tonight (I hope…), despite my busy day.

Hope you are all well, and I hope you all come back to read!

I really hope that posting like this works, because it’s so easy! Even though I can’t post pictures, I can still stay in touch :)
Florida, so far, is just how I left it…warm and sunny (right now, at least).I hope this continues, and I hope that everyone is having a fantastic end to their week.


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